Google GData Revisited

A number of smart thinkers recently took another look at Google's GData API and turned it into an interesting distributed discussion thread:

  • A Week in the Valley: GData in which O'Reilly's Nat Torkington discusses his meeting with Chris DiBona and Mark Lukovsky at Google. Mark was the architect of Microsoft's Hailstorm web services. Key observation: "Atom is quietly becoming the standard for reading and writing to Google."
  • GData and Hailstorm from Dare Obasanjo at Microsoft who in looking at how GData Builds on the Atom Publishing Protocol and has "begun to question the wisdom of using Atom/ RSS as the baseline for information interchange on the Web" given that "when you have a hammer, everything looks like a nail."
  • Google eats its own dogfood with GData from Richard MacManus follows-up to Nat's post: "For me, the fact that Google is eating its dogfood and using GData increasingly in its own apps - and getting the thumbs up from developers - says that GData has a promising future."
  • Google Calendar and its API in which Jon Udell at InfoWorld kicks the tires of GData.

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