Google Health API Released

Somewhat lost in the buzz of the announcement of Google Health, is the fact that Google's also just launched the Health Data API. As they describe, the new GData API provides a variety of health-related functionality:

The Google Health data API allows client applications to view and update Health content in the form of Google Data API feeds. Your client application can use the Health Data API to create new medical records, request a list of medical records, edit or delete existing medical records, and query for medical records that match particular criteria.

Here are some of the things you can do with the Health Data API:

  • Upload patient medical records.
  • Get patient medical data and provide personalized functionality based on that data.

The Google Health data API supports a subset of the CCR. CCR ("Continuity of Care Record") is a format defined by the medical industry. The CCR is primarily designed to facilitate the transfer of a snapshot of a patient's medical history when that individual moves from one medical provider to another. In the case of Google Health, a partner site can send a patient's CCR to Google. Given the proper user permissions, another partner site can then download that person's CCR.

The quick tour page for Google Health gives some insight into the basic service.

Our new Google Health API profile is one of the few APIs in the Medical category and it will be interesting to see how quickly developers begin building some of the first health-related mashups with it.