Google Health: Now on Your iPhone

If you've ever wished you had quick access to your medical records wherever you are, developer Ford Parsons has created a native iPhone application you might want to try. Health Cloud uses the Google Health API to bring your medical records direct to your iPhone. If you a have Google Health account this mobile app gives convenient immediate access to your health records. By the time you're an adult, you've had all kinds of visits to doctors, vaccinations at various intervals, injuries, etc. Who can remember what happened when, what the treatment was, or even which doctor handled the situation? Centralizing this information is the benefit that Google Health provides.

But, even if you've taken the effort to organize your health data using Google Health, that won't necessarily help you if you're on a trip away from home and a medical issue suddenly arises. It's no problem if you've got the Health Cloud on your iPhone. Wherever you are, whatever the situation, you can take advantage of the data you've entered into your Google Health record using Health Cloud and your iPhone. Here's what it looks like and how it works:


[Health Cloud] uses Google Health's publicly available API (the Objective-C GData libraries) to communicate with Google's servers to retrieve a view of the PHR [Personal Health Record] in the form of a Continuity of Care Record (CCR). The XML-based CCR is then passed through an XSL stylesheet developed by The American Academy of Family Physicians (AAFP) and displayed on your iPhone's screen.

The application is available at the iPhone App Store and has also been cited on the Google Mac Blog and MacRumors. It is our Mashup of the Day today.

Ford isn't content to stand with a good start. He's already working on Health Cloud v1.1, which will include capability to view notices from your provider, improve the visual interface for medications, immunizations, etc., and capability to add new medical test results directly from your iPhone.

The best time to keep your medical record-keeping up to date is right now, as the events occur. With Health Cloud, you can access your records that you've stored in Google Health and soon you'll also be able to update your records from your iPhone.

For more on Google's API see our Google Health launch coverage.

It is now one of 11 'medical' APIs in our directory. Other entries include Microsoft Health Vault, Invidio Health and the UK's NHS API.

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