Google Hopes Fresh APIs Goose Interest in Google Pay

Google has designs on making Google Pay a more ubiquitous option for people as they navigate both the web and their neighborhood. With new or enhanced support for loyalty cards, offers, event tickets, and boarding passes, the latest payments APIs help developers get paid in more places.

Google took the time to go over many of the new Google Pay functions at its recent Google I/O developer conference. 

For example, it made some changes to the Google Pay API. Moving forward, Google says the Google Pay payment sheet will show pricing information more plainly so people can easily see what they are being charged before clicking that buy button. New modifiers in the API will more quickly surface transactional details, such as shipping options, so the total charge is visible sooner during the checkout process. 

Developers have new options when it comes to buttons. Google launched the createButtons API for web developers, which lets merchants easily design a button to match their own colors and settings. Google is still working to add even more customization options down the line, but for now, it helps surface the needed details to initiate checkout. The best part for developers is that the button itself is hosted and rendered by Google Pay. 

If your business deals with passes of any kind, Google Pay just got a lot more accommodating. The Google Pay API for Passes allows merchants to link their programs to customers' Google Accounts. This will let people easily store and access passes, loyalty cards, and tickets on their phones. The Google Pay API for Passes supports high-priority notifications beginning a few hours before flight departure times, as well as real-time alerts for gate changes or delays. 

Google has made it simpler for airlines to support Google Assistant. Passengers will soon have the ability to use Google Assistant to check into flights. When the flight opens check-in online, the passenger will receive a notice that takes them into Google Assistant where they can complete the check-in process. They'll then be able to access the boarding pass via Google Assistant or Google Pay. This feature is built into the Passes API. 

In order to further encourage transit systems to adopt Google Pay, Google has opened the API for transit with new support for dynamic barcodes. This means transit providers, such as passenger trains, that rely on barcoded tickets can now take advantage of the Passes API to digitize tickets within Google Pay. The tool also makes it possible to handle barcodes that must be changed for security purposes. 

Last, Google hopes its latest features for Gmail help merchants onboard customers more easily. The new markup code available for Gmail makes it possible for people to import loyalty cards from Gmail directly into the Google Pay app. 

Developers can find more information about the new features in Google Pay here.

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