Google Introduces AdWords API Test Accounts, AdWords API Sandbox to Sunset December 15

Last week Google announced the introduction of AdWords API Test Accounts, a new method of testing AdWords API requests sent from applications that are in development. AdWords Test Accounts are free to use and allow API requests to be made against the production version of the AdWords API.


Image Credit: Google

There are several benefits to using AdWords API Test Accounts, which include:

  • Applications can be developed and tested without spending API units
  • Live AdWords campaigns are not affected by applications using test accounts
  • Ads will not be served when testing applications
  • Test accounts do not require an approved developer token

In order to use an AdWords API Test Account, developers must first apply for an AdWords API developer token.

Please note that the AdWords API Sandbox is now deprecated per Google:

"The AdWords API sandbox is deprecated and will Sunset on December 15, 2012. Use test accounts instead."

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