Google Introduces App Maker, App Development Tool for Enterprises

Google has introduced App Maker, a enterprise application development tool. Google App Maker allows enterprises to build process automation, project management, and other applications without the need for extensive code writing. This new cloud-based enterprise application building tool includes built-in connections to G Suite and Google apps such as Maps, Contacts, and Groups. Google App Maker also offers programmatic access to Google Cloud Services and APIs as well as third-party APIs.

Image Credit: Google.

Google also announced that new applications have been added to the Recommended for G Suite program. The company introduced its Recommended for G Suite program last year. The program recommends applications from other providers that are deemed safe, reliable, and meet Google’s high-quality integration requirements. New applications added to the Recommended for G Suite program include Asana, DocuSign, FreshDesk, LumApps, Virtru, Xero, and Zoho Invoice.

Developers can build a variety of Web and mobile applications with Google App Maker, applications that leverage Google cloud services and APIs such as Google Directory API and Prediction API. Third-party APIs can also be integrated with App Maker-built applications. App Maker utilizes HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and other standard Web development markup and scripting language for easy developer onboarding.

App Maker is powered by Google’s infrastructure so that applications built with the tool can leverage that same secure infrastructure as well. App Maker speeds up the development process by allowing developers to build applications without having to write extensive amounts of code or having to spend a lot of time setting up application infrastructure, security, and monitoring.

Google App Maker is available now via Google’s Early Adopter Program for G Suite Business customers.

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It is good to see that big tech guys like Google are jumping in to the low-code industry with App Maker. The idea to create web apps quickly without or with little coding skills is not new. For the google eco-system it makes totally sense to mesh all there services into one "app maker" to connect the variouse products from google. Salesforce is long out there with Force and startups are also working on app builder platforms like which aims to be a no-code platform. With Google App Maker you still have to code to create workflows and business logic for your app. Another one is betty blocks from Netherlands, they are also on the run to make life easier to build apps.

Bhavesh Parmar

Well, this new tool from Google is very beneficial for app developers and enterprises alike. With this tool, developers can focus more on creativity as the tool will substantially reduce their development time. I am also an app developer at renowned IT company IndiaNIC, and find this tool very useful.


Building a successful Enterprise application will always be a challenging task due to its complexity, changing business processes and requirements and difficulties in integrating new technologies. In this scenario relying on the old technologies will not be the right choice and tools such as app maker will definitely help enterprises especially when it came from the tech giant Google.

Marcus Miller// Manager

Ashok-N C

Can I run Vehicle Tracking applicatoin from Cloud. For running about 1,000 vehciles roughly howmuch space should I ask for ? Which free database would go along with that ? any other suggestions from your end pleae