Google Introduces Cloud to IoT Device SDK

Google has announced its Cloud to IoT Device SDK. With the SDK, developers can connect microcontroller-class devices directly to the Google Cloud IoT Platform. The Google Cloud IoT platform is designed to manage IoT devices with tools like BigQuery and Bigtable.

The SDK includes client libraries written in Embedded C. Accordingly, developers can securely connect, provision, and manage IoT devices. The SDK is specifically built to target energy constrained devices (e.g. trackers, smart home devices, etc.)

Google introduced the SDK features in a blog post announcement:

  • A highly portable feature set paired with a lightweight BSP (Board Support Package) allowing for the deployment of new features with minimal engineering impact
  • Single-threaded operations with co-routines to support bi-directional messaging without interrupting device applications
  • All the necessary security requirements to connect to IoT Core via JSON Web Token (JWT) Authentication, out-of-the-box Integration with third party TLS stacks (wolfSSL, mbedTLS), including TLS 1.2 and support for various secure elements
  • Integrated back-off logic that implements intelligent networking behavior to prevent self-inflicted DDoS (distributed denial of service) events after service outages
  • Future support for Cloud IoT Provisioning
  • Support for compute-, memory-, or space-constrained devices

Many IoT related platforms are supported out of box. But, it can be easily ported to many 32-bit array MCUs. Google will be showing off the SDK at a number of events around the world this week, and in coming months. 

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