Google Introduces Links API Beta for Affiliate Network

Google has just launched a beta of the Affiliate Network Links API which allows publishers to look up link/banner data and create publisher-specific links in real time.

The Link and Banner Lookup API is one of the Google Affiliate Network set of APIs which also includes:

  • Advertiser Lookup - Allows advertisers and publishers to look up advertiser data.
  • Event and Order Details - Allows developers to retrieve conversion and charge events that occur in Google Affiliate Network.
  • Publisher Lookup - Allows advertisers and publishers to look up publisher data.

The new Links API offers developers and publishers a flexible way to access and serve affiliate ads. Developers can use REST to invoke the API with JSON data returned, or by using Python or Java client libraries. All API calls must include an authorization token and Google recommends using OAuth 2.0 to authorize requests.

For more information read the Links Reference or start testing the Links API with the Google APIs Explorer.

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