Google Introduces New Enterprise Service: Google Maps Coordinate

Google has just introduced a new Enterprise Service, "Google Maps Coordinate", a web and mobile application that helps businesses manage and improve the efficiency of their mobile workforce. You can check out the Google Coordinate API here.

The announcement was made in the Official Google Enterprise Blog on June 21, 2012 and states that the Google Maps Coordinate service "combines the power of Google's mapping technologies with modern smart phones to help organizations assign jobs and deploy staff more efficiently."

Google Maps Coordinate features a web console for administrators and dispatchers that runs in a web browser as well as in a mobile app for use on smart phones and tablets.

By allowing company dispatchers to have real-time visibility of the location of mobile workers via a Google Map, dispatchers can easily assign jobs to the nearest available worker. In turn, mobile workers can advise dispatchers the status of their job assignments. This mobile collaboration allows work to be scheduled in a smart, efficient manner.

The Google Maps Coordinate API allows the service to be integrated into existing systems. The API is a RESTful Web Service and offers the ability to create and update jobs, retrieve job details and retrieve a list of jobs. An OAuth 2.0 token must accompany all API requests and the data returned is in JSON format.

Visit the Google Maps and Earth Enterprise Page to learn more about Google Maps Coordinate.

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