Google Introduces New Video Features to Ad Manager API

Google recently introduced new video ad features in the v202002 release of Google Ad Manager API. The most significant improvements include enhancements to historical reports, the association between video creative and ad registries, and metadata additions. A complete list of changes can be found in the release notes.

"Ad Exchange historical" reports now include additional Columns. The new columns add to the metrics available under AD-EXCHANGE_VIDEO__. AD_EXCHANGE_VIDEO_START shows the number of impressions where a video was played for video ads by Ad Exchange properties. The AD_EXCHANGE_VIDEO_SKIPS shows the number of times a video is skipped. The AD_EXCHANGE_VIDEO_UNMUTE shows the number of times a user unmutes an ad video.

As mentioned, users can now associate a video creative with an ad registry. For example, the creative can be associated with Ad-ID or Clearcast. Metadata enhancements include to addition of Content.contentbundleIds and Content.cmsMetadataValueIds. The first shows which content bundles a particular content object belongs to. The second shows the CMS value associated with a content object. Check out all changes in the release notes. Participate in the conversation on the Ad Manager API forum.

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