Google Introduces v1.1 of DoubleClick Bid Manager API

Google has announced v1.1 of its DoubleClick Bid Manager APITrack this API. The two major changes included in the new version affect the queries and reports methods. All other API methods remain the same in the v1.1 release. Check out all updates in release notes.

In the new version, report columns are mapped one to one to API filters. Prior to this release, not all report columns were mapped and some had to be included indirectly by adding to related API filters. For example, the Advertiser Integration Code report column required using the Advertiser API filter. Now, the one to one mapping eliminates this need. Check out the API filter documentation for a full list of API filters.

In the new version, query and report Resource requests are paginated. In v1, the listqueries and listreports would attempt to retrieve all queries and reports. If too many resources were requested, the response could time out. By paginating, all resources will be retrievable.

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