Google Introduces V3 of the Beta Ads API

Google has announced the release of a new iteration of the Google Ads APITrack this API beta. V3 of the API introduces new ways to handle the retrieval of large scale data, new methods for creating and editing hotel pay per stay campaigns, and more.

Along with the announcement of V3, Google has noted to developers that are upgrading from V1/V2 may require that some code be modified in order to utilize the new Endpoint. The company has provided a migration guide to aid developers that are making the transition.

Version 3 adds PaymentMode.GUEST_STAY, which enhances Hotels Commissions campaigns by allowing for a pay per stay model. Additionally, the API adds GoogleAdsService.SearchStream(), a newly recommended method for retrieving reporting data with Google Ads API. Google provides guidelines specifically for this feature.

These are just a couple of the enhancements seen in V3, for a full list make sure to check out the full release notes

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