Google Introduces Web Share API

Google has introduced a Web Share API that allows website users to control how and where data is shared. The API does this by enabling websites to call on the host platform’s native sharing capabilities. An Origin Trial has been enabled in Chrome 55 beta so that developers can try out the Google Web Share API on websites.

There are a number of restrictions that developers should be aware of when integrating the Google Web Share API with websites. The Google Web Share API requires that the website is hosted in a secure origin (e.g. HTTPS, etc.) and only text or URL needs to be supplied (not both). The property values passed to the API must be in string format and the API is only called upon by a gesture of the user. Additional limitations are explained in the announcement post.

The Google Chrome team plans on working to add other sharing capabilities to the API such as Web-to-app sharing and app-to-Web sharing. For more information about the Google Web Share API, visit the Google Developers website.

Google has introduced and released quite a few new APIs in 2016. In February, Google introduced the upcoming People API, an API that may eventually replace both the Google+ API and Google Contacts API. In April, the company launched the Google Consumer Surveys API which developers can use to build and integrate surveys with Web and mobile applications. In May, the company introduced the Google Google Awareness API, which allows applications to react to seven different types of contexts such as location, weather, nearby beacons, and activity. In July, Google released the Google Cloud Natural Language API, an API that features sentiment analysis, information extraction, and other text analysis capabilities.

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