Google I/O: Android App Bundle Updated to Reduce App Size and Increase Customizable Delivery

Today in a session at Google I/O, Kobi Glick (project manager for Google Play) gave attendees an overview of some of the key updates to the Android App Bundle. These updates include new metrics added to Android vitals, upgraded security features, and options for conditional delivery of application features.

Android Vitals Upgraded to Provide Deeper App Size Insight

A new section has been added to Android vitals that provides additional metrics, reporting, and guidance to assist users in analyzing the size of their applications. Developers will be able to view the size of their application both upon download and immediately after install. These features are designed to provide insight into application size over time as well as to offer advice on how to reduce size.

Upgraded Cryptographic Strength of Signing Keys

Google is releasing a new feature that allows developers to upgrade the cryptographic strength of their signing keys for new installs and their updates. This feature will be backwards compatible with some applications using old signing keys, allowing developers to retroactively increase security. This feature is available only when enrolled in app signing by Google Play.


Conditional Delivery for Dynamic Features

At Google I/O 2018, the company announced Dynamic Features, allowing developers to choose when and to whom specific features are released. Google today announced that Dynamic Features are exiting beta and available to everyone. Additionally, with the newly announced Conditional Delivery feature, developers can choose which parts of their app are delivered to users based on the features of their device or the country they live in. Kobi provides the example of AR functionality, which only makes sense to install on devices that are capable of utilizing this functionality.

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