Google I/O Coming Soon, Free Passes Now

Hardly a week goes by these days without an API or other developer-related announcement from Google. And given that they now have over 35 different APIs as well as whole platforms like Android, Google will be hosting their first multi-day developer event next month in San Francisco: Google I/O, May 28-29. Last year they had a successful, one day global Developer Day, and this year's event looks to be a whole lot bigger and broader with 70 sessions covering:

  • AJAX & JavaScript: AJAX and JavaScript continue to capture the imagination of web developers. These sessions focus on tools and techniques of client-side code, and how to use them to make serious applications quickly and easily.
  • APIs & Tools: Development tools for the web are evolving. Product APIs allow integration and extension of web applications. Tools like the Google Web Toolkit™ provide a whole new way to improve performance and compatibility.
  • Social: The web is an inherently social place. A new wave of APIs and frameworks, including OpenSocial, are opening up interesting ways to interact with people through applications.
  • Mobile: Mobile devices are blurring the lines between handset developers and web developers, opening up interesting opportunities for applications that span multiple platforms. We'll take a look at how developers can use technologies such as Android™ and Mobile Gears to build applications on the mobile web.
  • Maps & Geo: Since the introduction of the Google Maps™ API in 2005, geo and map applications have been one of the most interesting phenomena on the web. These sessions focus on the many aspects of geo applications, from KML to the Google Maps API and more.

Should be a great event and ProgrammableWeb has 10 free passes to give away: be among the first ten to reply in the comments here and receive a free pass to the two-day Google I/O conference in San Francisco (a $400 value). And of course you're welcome to suggest what sorts of Google based mashups you'd like to see built next: perhaps using Google Calendar, or YouTube, or Google Book Search, or the new Google Visualization tools.

Update: The free passes have all been given away. Thanks for all the fast replies, ideas and comments.


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I am working on a book focused mashup using Google Book search and few GData api's - calendar, contacts and maps. This mashup should be a google app engine app - I am among the first set of developers who have access to app engine. And it is also the area I am most interested to learn about at the conference.

Great, tickets would be most appreciated given my budget these days!

If someone could build a mashup that combines Google APIs into my Google apps in a auto-suggest sort of way, that would be handy. Like if someone recommends a book to me in email, then use Google Book Search API to auto-link to it. Maybe as a Firefox plugin?

It's gonna be a great event. Looking forward to learning more about all the new google APIs that have come out.

I'm working on a bunch projects - one for the google summer of code that's a bigger project.

But for now, I am trying to use the Google search API to create a re-search UI, rather than just search. The idea is to first accumulate (search) and then consider, correlate and re-search. The ui is under work at, but is currently password protected until ready for a release. Please send me an email at if you want to check it out in current state and leave feedback!

The idea is then to correlate the data gathered in the research container by allowing a number of different tools - e.g. mapping and showing geo locations (gmaps), showing images related to text (flickr tag search etc), statistical analysis of word counts etc, (google visualization api).

If other people are interested in this, please let me know! I've gotten quite a bit on the way for the search UI - the real challenging part comes next in making an intuitive UI for analysis the gathered data.


I'll take a free pass please if I can?

Thanks for offer, ticket would be terrific.

How about more mashups for enterprises? Now that Goog and Salesforce are partnering would be good to see more of this angle. Hmmm, maybe link Orkut and Salesforce ;-)

I'm teetering on the brink of the grand move beyond AJAX to "the cloud" -- this conference would be really valuable!

Yes, terrific looking event. Ticket would be great.

So many Google APIs to choose from now, hard to decide. Someone can build a comprehensive media mashup that uses YouTube, Picasa, AJAX search, that maybe somehow ties-into any concert events I have in my Google Calendar?

I'd love to go! And what I'd like to see someone build is an uber-Google mashup that takes at least 6+ Google APIs. Maybe a personal data dashboard: my Google Contacts, Calendar, GMail (ok, no API there), Google Chart my a sparkline of my Picasa activity, and then maybe pull-in my favorite YouTube videos.

According the upcoming EARTH DAY 2008 I think about a social car pool application, works with Calendar, Social, and Maps API, like this:

Register new drive:

You can plan a drive in your calendar with start-end points and possible meeting points from the map, set the number of the available seats and you can select the visibility by social level (family/friends/colleagues/.../everyone).

Search for free seat:

for e.g. commuting to work

You can list your colleagues free seats for today

I want to go, ticket please :-)

I think having new mashup that uses the Google Visualization API to help show me my Google Calendar and Google Contacts (with those APIs) would be cool.

Looks great! Love to go... free pass?


...I'd like a free pass!


I was sad to see that they weren't doing dev day this year. But this is way cooler. Free passes still available?


I'm anxious to see what they announce!


My idea is to use my latest technology: and build web-based mobile-based location-based mashup. I have submit this new mashup technique to the Google Android Developer challenge. I will love to go to Google I/O but at the moment I can not afford it. I will love to get one of your pass.


Looks like a great event. I would love a pass if there are any left.

Thank you!

Hi everyone. Thanks for the enthusiastic, and fast, responses (as well as the fun and interesting mashup ideas). Looks like we're already sold-out of tickets!

App Engine is going to change web hosting. Open Social will be road kill. Compared to FBapi, it is weak. Android should be interesting. Windows Mobile 6 is hard to use compared to Palm.

[...] just over two weeks, on May 28-29th in San Francisco is Google I/O. As we covered last month there are 70+ sessions on dozens of Google API and mashup-related [...]

[...] Google APIs is here and each API has a mashup list available from its API page. And remember that last year when we offered free tickets to I/O they were gone in a flash, so let us know early and you’ll get a free two-day tour of the [...]

Please email me the free pass, Thanks!