Google Launches Consumer Surveys API

Google has launched the Consumer Surveys API. The API allows users to create and integrate surveys with Web and mobile apps. The API was built on the Google Cloud Platform which will give the API access to an existing ecosystem that spans millions of users in markets across the globe. The API provides three overarching functions: survey design, audience selection, and results analysis.

Google has already partnered with multiple companies to test the API (Kantar, Predictvia, Marketsight, etc.). The three mentioned span across multiple industries including predictive analytics, visualization platforms, and studies management. The potential to integrate Consumer Surveys and leverage respondent data is seemingly endless and Google looks forward to witnessing developer-built solutions that drive better data-driven decisions.

The REST API is organized by Resource type. Resource types include results and surveys. Results include survey results produced and are formatted as an Excel file. The survey resource allows users to retrieve information about specific surveys, create a surveys, list surveys owned by a user, run surveys, stop surveys, and update an existing survey. For more information, visit the API reference.

Some might consider Google late to the game in the survey API space. Late or not, Google's entry no doubt made survey API providers nervous. With the ability to leverage its existing respondent base via the Google Cloud Platform, developers can now consolidate yet another service within the same, Google ecosystem. We will now wait and see what developers think of the Google Consumer Surveys API from a feature and functionality standpoint.

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