Google Launches Manufacturer Center API

Google has announced that the availability of its Manufacturer Center service has been expanded to more countries which includes Australia, Brazil, France, Germany, the Netherlands, and the United Kingdom. The company also announced the launch of the Google Manufacturer Center API which makes it possible for product information to be managed programmatically as opposed to manually via Manufacturer Center. Product information can still be managed by manually creating and managing product feeds via Manufacturer Center.

Google Manufacturer Center is a service that helps manufacturers ensure that information about their products displayed on Google services is accurate. This in turn helps Google improve the shopping experience for users of and other Google services. Manufacturers, brand owners, and product retailers can use the service to provide Google current product images, product descriptions, and product details.

The Google Manufacturer Center API allows Manufacturer Center users to programmatically add, update, delete, and distribute product data. The API can also be used to monitor product data quality and discover errors as well as improve the process of syndicating product information to Google. There is an API Explorer available to try out the API without having to write any code.

The announcement post states that “information from Manufacturer Center now appears in Google Knowledge Panels in the U.S., highlighting core product features to shoppers at key decision making stages.” The API helps manufacturers and brands ensure that product information displayed in Google Knowledge Panels and other services is accurate.

For more information about the Google Manufacturer Center API, check out the API documentation.

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