Google Launches New Maps Data API

It seems that the Where 2.0 Conference is full of pleasant surprises. Today, Yahoo announced its Placemaker Platform, and Google also announced the release of their Maps Data API (our Maps Data API Profile) as the newest Google Data API.

Maps Data API

The new API allows client applications to view, store and update map data in the form of Google Data API feeds. According to the post on the Google Geo Developers Blog:

The Google Maps Data API is built on the following principles:

  • Storage should scale simply with usage. You shouldn't have to worry about maintaining a data store to build a cool Google Maps mashup. Focus on building the client, and we'll provide hosting and bandwidth for free.
  • Geodata should be accessible across platforms and devices. With many client libraries and clients, accessing stored geodata should be possible from anywhere, whether it's on the web, a mobile phone, a 3D application, or even a command line.
  • Realtime geodata requires realtime indexing. For a lot of geographic content, freshness is important. Geodata from the Google Maps Data API can be instantly indexed and made searchable in Google Maps.
  • Rendering geodata is better and faster with the right tools. Through JavaScript, Flash, 3D, static images and more, we'll continue to provide better ways to render your content to meet platform and latency demands.

The API is intended to store various types of geospatial data for geo-enabled applications that work with specific activities like planning and sharing trips, collaboratively mapping hiking trails, or saving a list of favorite restaurants. One nice bonus is that geo data associated with a Google account is automatically available on Google My Maps.

Some existing applications are already making use of the API, including MyTracks and Platial.

Stay tuned for any additional API and mashup news coming out of Where 2.0.

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