Google Launches Picasa GData API

If you have ever wanted to create photo mashups using Google's Picasa, now you can. As Sven Mawson of Picasa Web Albums Team announced there is now a GData API for Picasa. Media mashups are hot: as we noted in our piece on 200 Photo Mashups, photography-related mashups are one of the most popular genres. You can see our new Picasa API listing here. For more on the API, the post from Sven notes:

Now you can access your albums, photos, comments and tags through a common GData API. Have a great idea for integrating your photos and tags into a semantic network? Want to add a slide show of your favorite photos to your homepage and include user comments? How about autotagging your photos based on image analysis or photo description or title? Or allowing users to pick a Picasa Web Albums photo from inside your application? The possibilities are endless.

We have also added the first of what will certainly be many mashups using this API: Picnik that allows you to edit photos in your browser and integrates with Picasa.


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