Google Launches Top-Level Domain for Apps on the Web: .app

Yesterday, Google announced a new top-level domain (TLD): .app. The new TLD is available from Google's domain registry service: Google Registry. Google's target audience for .app is the mobile developer and app community. Why would the mobile community be interested in a new web TLD?

"Even if you spend your days working in the world of mobile apps, you can still benefit from a home on the web," Google VP, CIO, and Chief Domains Enthusiast, Ben Fried, commented in a blog post announcement. "With a memorable .app domain name, it's easy for people to find and learn more about your app. You can use your new domain as a landing page to share trustworthy download links, keep users up to date, and deep link to in-app content."

Google's main selling point for .app is security. Google is requiring HTTPS for any connection to an .app website. Google believes requiring HTTPS as table stakes to talk to an .app website will help guard against malware, tracking injection, WiFi spying, and more. Google pitches this security-first attitude as one step towards the HTTPS-everywhere future the company envisions.

Google has already opened early access to .app domains. The Early Access Program will remain open through May 7. Starting May 8, .app domains will become available to the general public through other domain registrars. Visit to learn more, or gain early access.

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