Google Launches Web Elements: Easy Copy and Paste Widgets

Today at Google I/O, Google announced the release of a new set of embeddable JavaScript widgets that allow users to include various types of Google applications on web pages. The new Google Web Elements provide a new way for users to enhance and expand the functionality of web sites and web pages without the need to develop or deploy any code.

Web Elements

Currently Google provides Web Elements widgets for the following eight products:

The new Web Elements widgets essentially provide an easy way for non-technical users to leverage numerous Google APIs to rapidly create mini-mashups. Although the code for the widgets is not accessible to developers, the widgets themselves can be styled via custom CSS.

Maps Widget

Although this class of widget is not completely new, it is good to see this new offering as an alternative means for users to integrate and disseminate Google's web applications. It will be interesting to see whether Google expands the applications available as Web Elements as well as whether features and functionality can be customized.

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