Google Launches Webmaster Tools API

As announced at Google Webmaster Central, Google has released a public API to automate the usage of Google Webmaster Tools. The Webmaster Tools gives web site owners detailed statistics about their site's "visibility on Google". According to the announcement, the new API supports the following interactions with the Webmaster Tool:

  • Managing sites: retrieving, adding, verifying, and removing websites)
  • Working with Sitemaps: retrieving, adding, and removing sitemaps

To get started, check our new Webmaster Tools API profile and consult the Developer's Guide - Google Webmaster Tools API.

While not all of the functionality of the Webmaster Tools are available from the APl, the current API will probably be of interest to webmasters who manage many websites and who update sitemaps by manual processes. And as Google notes, "this [version] is only the beginning".

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