Google Maps API Checker Uncovers Mapping API Problems


The Google Maps team has introduced the Google Maps API Checker. The checker allows Google Maps API users to test whether a website utilizes Google mapping APIs properly. The checker displays information frequently related to API problems (e.g., client ID issues, digital signing, quota optimization). The checker can be used for a number of Google mapping APIs (e.g., Google Maps JavaScriptStatic MapsStreet View Image).

The checker operates as a Chrome extension. Once installed, it displays identified issues in an icon on the browser's icon bar. Such display eliminates the need to search through code or the JavaScript console to uncover problems. Google has grown and enhanced its maps portfolio for more than a decade now. While a single user often utilizes multiple maps services, maintaining functioning API Integration with the diverse portfolio can be challenging. The checker should help assist maps users to concentrate on their website functionality, not a specific maps integration.

"Ideal for partners and developers, the tool shows information about common API watchpoints and pitfalls," Dave Overstrom, Google Maps program manager, said in a blog post.

Google has made a number of changes to its maps strategy and services portfolio over the last year. Its goal in the changes is to provide the world's most robust yet straightforward mapping services that power geolocation features for apps and websites around the world. The checker simply represents another tool to attract developers and simplify integration with Google APIs.

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