Google Maps API: Now Serving 350,000 Websites

It's no secret that the Google Maps API is incredibly popular. Our directory lists over 2,100 Google Maps mashups, but that's obviously just a subset of all the sites powered by the mapping Platform. And now we know how many sites that is. According to Google Developer Advocate Mano Marks, there are 350,000 websites incorporating Google Maps. And, of course, Google now has many other geographic APIs.

Marks spoke at the North American Cartographic Information Society annual meeting about Google's new mapping technologies. Among the APIs on display were Google Fusion Tables and Google Maps Flash. Marks spent significant time showing the power of Google Earth, including how it interacts directly with Google's Elevation API.

The 350,000 number may actually be higher, with references to it dating as far back as March. That was two months before Google Maps v3 went into production and it launched map styles.

Among some of the recent features Marks showed were the map styling extended to Flash and the US Elections Tracker built on Fusion Tables.

You can find Marks' post from the talk and see his full slides embedded below.

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