Google Maps Experimenting With New “Explore Nearby” Features

There are reports of enhanced features on select devices running the new Google Maps update. Though still in test phase, screenshot confirmations show that additions are being made to the “Explore Nearby” Function

A link to “Explore Nearby” used to be placed in a panel under the search bar, but now a dedicated icon for the feature is at the bottom right hand corner of the home screen. Upon entering, users will see that the interface is slightly different. Rather than a full screen card displaying a single establishment, users will now see a list of many establishments grouped by their category. A name, picture, average star-rating, and short review with link for additional information are displayed as well. From here, users are able to filter results by the type of activity (quick bites, nightclub, etc.). Users can also filter results by time of day to only view restaurants that are open for late afternoon lunch, for example. 

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Google Is Testing An Enhanced "Explore Nearby" Feature In Google Maps