Google Maps for Flash Among Several Axed Google APIs

It has been a long spell of “Operation Product Cleanup” at Google. Some of the high profile announcements like shutting down of the Google Translate API and the outrage have seen it reframed as a paid version. Others, like Google Maps Flash, were not so lucky in the most recent round of API euthanasia.

In what it calls a "fall spring-clean," Google has marked a series of products for retirement. The blog post clearly states that the products identified do not fall anymore in the high-impact group and hence the decision to retire them.

Google Maps API continues to remain one of the most popular APIs in our directory with thousands of mashups that uses it. The Google Maps API comes in two flavors: JavaScript and Flash (Actionscript). If you are using the Flash version of Google Maps API, popular for creating more fluid experiences, then you need to search for a replacement. However, existing Google Maps API Premier customers using Google Maps API for Flash will continue to be served. One would expect that to include popular map mashups like New York Times' Census Explorer. Read the Google Geo Developers blog post for more details.

The other axed Google products with APIs are the Google Desktop API, Google Notebook API and Google Sidewiki API. We now list 10 deadpooled Google APIs in our directory.

The last couple of months have seen a significant rise in the number of APIs being marked for shutdown by various vendors, such as the demise of Yahoo Maps API. More than ever, developers will need to do their homework before integrating with an API, understand the API terms and explore alternatives should a need arise. It used to be that APIs from the big players were the ones to count on. These recent moves, especially from Google, should give developers pause.

via Andrew Turner

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