Google Maps Goes Enterprise

There's a new entry in the Google's growing "Enterprise" product line: Google Maps for Enterprise. Licensed, supported mapping for both behind the firewall and external, commercial use. Even comes with a service level agreement (SLA). How much? Starts at $10,000. Announced yesterday, at their Google Geo Developer Day. From their site:

The speedy performance and ease of use of Google Maps is now available with full enterprise licensing and support. With Google Maps for Enterprise, businesses can integrate data and seamlessly build maps into applications of all types to create a high performance mapping experience. Map customer locations, track shipments, manage facilities—virtually any application with location data can benefit from a geographic view.

They note that "if and when" advertising is added to the free Google Maps that paying, licensed customers may turn these off. Although as they hint in FAQ "we hope you find it [the display advertising] so useful that you choose to include it".

In addition, geocoding -- the ability to convert street addresses into specific latitude and longitude coordinates -- is no longer a big missing piece of the Google Maps puzzle. Yesterday they also announced support for international geocoding. This covers US, Canada, Japan, France, Italy, Germany and Spain. [via Google Maps Mania]

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This is great news, but the terms seem confusing. The mapping API is only limited to "services that are generally accessible to consumers without charge." This has allowed use of the API on news sites -- sites that are clearly commercial, but that don't charge for access.

The Q&A for the new Enterprise product seems to contradict the mapping API terms. It states that, "The Google Maps API license does not permit using the API for commercial applications."

Does this mean that open news sites now have to use the enterprise mapping product?

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