Google Maps Provides API Release Note Updates via RSS Feeds

The Google Maps API team maintains a set of APIs that many third parties rely on to power various functionality within apps. While the team often publishes blog announcements for major revisions and feature additions, minor tweaks and bug-fixes are often made without notice to the developer community outside of Release Notes updates. Since minor tweaks can require programming alterations by a third party, Google has bridged the gap with the addition of RSS feeds to the Release Notes.

For starters, Google has made 9 feeds available: Google Maps Android API, Google Maps SDK for iOS, Google Maps JavaScript API, Google Maps Directions API, Google Maps Distance Matrix API, Google Places API for Android, Google Places API for iOS, Google Maps Android API Premium Plan, Google Maps SDK for iOS Premium Plan. For these APIs, developers are no longer required to check in with the Release Notes on a regular basis to look for updates. Instead, developers will be automatically alerted of changes via the RSS feeds.

The 9 available feeds covers all Maps and Places APIs. While Google didn't specifically mention the addition of other APIs, one would imagine if the project goes well, RSS feeds will expand to additional APIs from the Maps team as well as APIs from other teams within the Google family. Many developers have been caught off guard from breaks that resulted in using outdated API versions (even if the change was seemingly minor). Google's RSS Feed strategy is an attempt to eliminate this common problem that has API Integration relationships since the inception of API partnerships. Check out the blog post announcement to subscribe to the RSS feeds.

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