Google Moderator Gets API and Example Apps

Google Moderator is the sort of tool that deserves an API. The Platform to collect audience ideas and gauge interest is used widely internally at Google, as well as being available to anyone. It is no longer limited to web browser use, as it now has an API (our Google Moderator profile).

Google's Colby Ranger described the features of the API:

  • Create: You can create new series, topics, submissions, or votes on behalf of the currently authenticated user.
  • Vote: You can allow authenticated users to vote on submissions, or to review their own votes on submissions in a series.
  • Discover: You can retrieve topics in a series, or submissions in a particular topic or series. You can also track the current aggregate status of votes.

Developers can now tie mobile applications into Moderator, for example. The product originally launched during the 2008 U.S. elections. With races heating up across the country, perhaps that's the reason for making a more widely customizable version available.

Google also released several applications that use the Moderator API. The Android app (pictured above), in particular, caught our attention because the code is open sourced. That means it becomes a great learning tool for those new to either Android, the Moderator API, or both.

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