Google Moves Ads API V5.0 Into General Availability

The Google Ads APITrack this API has been moving quickly toward general availability over the past year, with the company committed to moving past beta as rapidly as possible. Version 5.0 of the API was announced in beta less than a month ago on August 26th, this followed quickly after version 4.0 was announced in July.

With the move to general availability, Google is now encouraging developers to include the API in production ready application. This advancement is especially significant given that the Google Ads API has to be reverted back to beta last year, shortly after its initial release. The move last July was the result of developer complaints related to slow response times.

Now that the API is in general availability, developers that are still using hte AdWords API should check out Google’s migration guide. Similarly, for developers that are already using an earlier version of the Ads API, the company has provided a migration guide to assist in that situation. 

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