Google Now Supports Shopping Campaigns with AdWords API

Google recently announced Shopping Campaign support via the AdWords API. To better understand the new offering, ProgrammableWeb caught up with Eric Tholomé, Google Product Management Director.
First, Tholomé explained the thinking behind the offering, and what value it brings to Google's user base:

"The diversity of advertisers using AdWords around the world is such that it is important that we offer a range of ways for them to manage campaigns, from the simplest campaign creation in the AdWords User Interface, to sophisticated access to campaign management & reporting in the AdWords API. This is also true for advertisers using Product Listing Ads, and as such it was important that we offer Shopping campaign creation and management in the AdWords API."

As with many many Google offerings, the target audience for Shopping Campaign support is wide. Tholomé summarized the target strategy:

"Shopping campaign management is a new, retail-centric way to manage and promote products on Google. As such, it is for all advertisers who use (or want to use) Product Listing Ads. The API itself is for those advertisers that have built their own campaign management solution and want to interface with AdWords programmatically, and advertisers who use third party tools, platforms, and services that rely for similar reasons on a programmatic access to AdWords."

Although the offering is brand new, many potential users have expressed their intent to integrate Shopping Campaign support. Tholomé named a few, and expects to announce more as Google receives feedback:

"Kenshoo, DoubleClick Search and other search management platforms have announced their intent to support Shopping campaigns. We’ve heard great feedback from retailers and agencies who’ve used Shopping campaigns to improve the management of their PLA campaigns and improve ROI."

Google has already started working with an external network of solution providers to take the new offering to market. Tholomé explained:

"There is a dense networks of agencies and search management platforms around the world who already offer tools, platforms & services thanks to the AdWords API. Many of them have been asking for API support for Shopping campaigns. We’re pleased to make it available and we are supporting them as they integrate with our Platform through our standard developer programs."

Google will be keeping a close eye on its user community for ways to improve the offering, and to judge its overall success. Tholomé addressed review thus far:

"We’ll be looking at a variety of metrics across these areas such as usage, partner satisfaction, etc. So far the feedback we’ve gotten has been great, but as always, we’re interested in hearing how we can continue to improve the product to make it even more valuable for retailers."

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