Google Officially Retires Hangouts API

Earlier this year, ProgrammableWeb announced the shutdown of the Google Hangouts API. Upon that announcement, new apps could no longer be created with the API, but existing apps had until April 25, 2017 to find other options. The 25th has now come and the Google Hangouts API has officially shut down.

Google presented a new experience for Hangouts at its Horizon event last September. Users of apps utilizing the API should have received notices in calls informing them that the app was scheduled to stop working on the 25th. While the Google+ Hangouts API site remains live, visitors are warned that the API is no longer supported and redirected to a FAQ page.

Google has transitioned focus for Hangouts. Some of the API functionality enabled consumer video, and Google has repositioned Hangouts with a concentration on meetings. We have seen a number of Google moves that show a product shift towards the enterprise, and the Hangouts represents the latest. However, in typical Google style, there are plenty of Google alternatives that will continue to serve the social, consumer side of the picture.

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