Google Open Gallery API Launched for Art World


Google has announced the Google Open Gallery API. The new API enables users to access Google Open Gallery account data. Open Gallery constitutes a set of free tools that museums, galleries, and archives utilize to create online exhibitions. API access to Open Gallery allows developers to build custom user experiences on Open Gallery data as well and provides search and histogram capabilities.

Google launched Open Gallery as a tool that artists, museums, galleries and others could use to build virtual collections to supplement, preserve, or enhance a viewer's experience. The ability to upload content, embed content in third party websites, and zoom in on images brings the museum experience to the consumer. API access to Open Gallery expands the reach of the Open Gallery project and enables users to employ existing tools, websites, and apps to utilize the powerful toolset Google has developed.

To get started using the RESTful API, users must first open a Google Open Gallery account. Currently, the API remains read only and data and objects must already exist in the Open Gallery account. To upload data and curate exhibits, users should use the Google Open Gallery management interface. Items constitute the main building blocks of Open Gallery. Items are containers for various content (e.g. images, videos, etc.). Once items are uploaded and described, users can curate virtual Exhibits that mimic a real museum or gallery tour. To learn more, visit the API reference.

The Google Open Gallery API is free to use and the default limit is 500 million queries per day. Users can configure the limit at the quotas tab of the Google APIs Console. Google's Open Gallery API joins a growing group of projects solely focused on the online preservation of historical collections. Google's own Art Project and the Smithsonian's Open F|S project represent other projects dedicated to preserving the world's historical wonders in a easy to consume, sustainable manner.

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