Google Open Sources Cloud Search Connector SDK

Google has open sourced its Google Cloud Search Connector SDK. The SDK was released to limited partners a few months ago to help provide an easier method to index third-party content and identities. Now, the SDK and all associated reference connectors are available as a conduit between Google Cloud Search Indexing API and a company's repository.

The SDK should make employee searches more effective. Such searches can take place across on-premise data, or within cloud or SaaS applications. Regardless of where data lives that employees need to complete their work, Google's Cloud Search Connector SDK should help companies build solutions to help their employees find the data.

The SDK includes many common search tasks. Service communication, multi-threaded API operations, traversal strategies, connector configuration, Error Handling, and many more tasks are pre-built in the SDK. For more details, check out the SDK docs on GitHub.

Many connectors already exist for common third-party repositories (e.g. Amazon S3, Box, Microsoft OneDrive, Atlassian Confluence, Jira, Microsoft Sharepoint, Salseforce, SAP, ServiceNow). Check out the 80+ connector options at the Cloud Search Connector directory. For further assistance, Google has published tutorials on how to build content connectors, identity connectors and Cloud Search deployment.

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