Google Opens API for Google Docs

Google has introduced the Google Docs APITrack this API. Integrated apps gain the ability to create and modify documents. Users can automate creation and modification, create documents in bulk, and generate invoices and contracts. Many features from Google Docs are now available through the API.

Google has published a Quickstart guide to help familiarize developers with the new API. Developers can use a wizard to create or select a project in the Google Developers console. Setting up a sample project is straightforward once inside the wizard and console.

The API uses three primary methods. documents.create is used to create a new document. documents.get is used to retrieve entire contents of a document. documents.batchUpdate is used to perform a certain set of updates to a specific document. For more details, visit the API docs.

Google has published additional samples to help developers. Common questions about features, errors, and bugs are found at the support site. Track bugs and contribute at the issue tracker.

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