Google Places API Developer Challenge: Winners Receive Chance to Showcase Apps at Google I/O 2013

Google is inviting developers from around the world to participate in the "Google Places API Developer Challenge 2012", a contest that encourages developers to help address the needs of local communities by creating applications that use the Google Places API and available municipal data sources.

Google has been working with local officials in a number of cities including Boston, Chicago, New York City, Philadelphia as well as The White House to provide a wide variety of data sets for developers' applications. You can view the current list of major metropolitan sites that offer public data on the Google Places API Developer Challenge Official Site.

Winners of the Google Places API Developer Challenge will receive a chance to showcase their Google Places API application at the Google I/O 2013 in San Francisco and other benefits. Three Runners Up will receive One (1) Google Nexus 7 16gb Tablet and A 15-minute hang out with a Google Executive.

The submission window opens on August 15th and closes on October 31st, 2012.

The Google Places API returns data about a variety of nearby places including establishments, geographic locations, and prominent points of interest. There are four basic Place requests available:

  • Place Searches - Allows a list of data to be returned including nearby Places based on a user's location, nearby Places based on a search string, eg. "Pizza" and detailed information about a specific Place.
  • Place Details - Details about a specific establishment or point of interest can be returned which can include address, phone number, user rating and reviews.
  • Place Check-Ins - This can be used to indicate that a user has checked in to that Place. This is a Web Service only.
  • User Place Reports - This can be used to add new Places, or delete existing ones in your application. This is a web service only.

The Google Places API also supports events which is defined as "any type of public or private gathering, performance, or promotion that occurs at a location listed in the Places service."

Links to Google Places API Developer Challenge Information:

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