Google Play Translation Services Help Localize Applications

With millions of Android devices across the world, it is important for Android applications to be available in several languages. Developers often overlook the fact that localizing their applications is a great way to get market share in regions of the world where English is not necessarily the language of preference on the device.

Google announced the Play Translation Services at I/O this year, a service that is available within the Google Play console to help developers choose professional language translation services at a nominal cost. The service has gotten a good response from developers and One Hour Translation, a professional translation service, announced it will provide its professional translation services to application developers directly from the Google Play developer console.

Following the announcement at I/O, Google made the Translation Services for Google Play Store applications available to all developers in November. The service is available from the console itself and developers can choose from one or more translation services. However, the service is not free and developers should carefully consider the number of messages to be translated and the languages required. One Hour Translation, which is one of the registered Translation Services available in Play,  now provides an API to expose its methods and services, and allows external systems to securely launch, monitor and communicate with translation jobs. In other words, you can submit  your jobs to One Hour Translation and monitor them.

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For a limited time, the company is offering a free professional translation (up to 500 words) for application developers who use the Translation Memory API. The API is REST-based and uses JSON as the data format. Authentication is via public_key and secret_key and keys are available for both a production and a sandbox environment. Example methods in the API include creating a translation project, getting the status of the project, retrieving project comments and more. Check out the documentation for more details.

Google has also published a solid localization checklist that developers should read in order to localize their Android applications. They should also read the developer success stories Google has provided.

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