Google Plus Now Part of Topsy's Real-time Search Index

Organizations are continuously engaged in mining the large amounts of information that is generated daily on social networks. As is natural, they would like to understand trends and any mentions in real time. Topsy, a realtime search engine has been indexing Twitter data on a daily basis and providing the Topsy API, to sift through that information. It has now added another feather in its cap by adding public Google Plus posts to its index.

"We are proud to be the first search engine to provide comprehensive search over public Google Plus posts,” Topsy CEO Vipul Ved Prakash said. “People can now search Google+ and Twitter for realtime, relevance-ranked results, and businesses can be better informed about what's important by using our APIs to mine the collective intelligence of posters on both Twitter and Google Plus."

Google PlusTopsy now indexes Google Plus posts and ranks them based on its unique relevance and influencing technology. You can search for Google Plus posts by visiting the and you do not even need to login to Google Plus. Realtime search for Twitter is still available at the original site. And it comes as no surprise that all the data is available via the Topsy API.

By adding Google Plus posts as a source to its index, Topsy is now able to give a unique feature to its users who can now look at things like:

  • Which stories are trending on Google Plus and Twitter and thereby allow users to curate that into news specific to its readers.
  • Determine who are the experts for specific keywords, terms and links. It uses its influence algorithm to do this.

Topsy has been steadily adding features to its search engine, including indexing videos. It is indexing 220 million+ Tweets daily and with the addition of Google Plus to its search index, it will now be indexing the posts generated by more than 40 million+ Google Plus users. The need to mine data is real and Topsy seems ideally placed to be that source.

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