Google Predicts IoT Devices to Overtake Non-IoT by 2025

Bill Huan (Senior Project Manager, Google Coral Team) presented Google’s prediction that the use of Internet of Things (IoT) devices will outpace standard computing devices in 2025. Huan presented the prediction during his talk, Introducing Google Coral: Building On-Device, Thursday at Google I/O. The growth in IoT is a significant factor driving Google’s Coral initiative for embedding Machine Learning capabilities directly in IoT hardware.

Google’s prediction about the growth of IoT presented at Google IO 2019

Presently Google manufactures Dev Board, USB Accelerator, and Camera components for sale as beta. The company also plans to release Environment Sensor Board, SOM and PCI-E Accelerator boards soon.

Coral’s IoT hardware enhancements designed to support Machine Learning

These components are Google's attempt to position the Coral initiative as an all-encompassing approach for creating IoT devices. The Coral initiative also intends to embed IoT ML software such as TensorFlow Lite and machine learning models such as those provided by ModelNet directly in Coral components.

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