Google Previews Cloud DNS API

Google Cloud Platform has added another service to its offering. This service provides developers with a reliable and low latency means of accessing their cloud resources. Google Cloud DNS, now available in preview, is a high performance, resilient, and global DNS service. The announcement came in the same week as the Google Cloud Platform Live event, which saw the release of a series of big announcements from Google on their Cloud offering.

The highlights of Google Cloud DNS include:

  • You can name hosts, webservers and other internet resources, including Google Compute Engine virtual machines, and Google Cloud Storage buckets.
  • The service serves from 20+ global locations.
  • Anycast-based network of DNS nameservers choses a name server to optimally respond to queries.
  • Pricing is pay per go.

The Google Cloud DNS API is structured around Projects, Managed Zones and Resource Record Sets within the Zones. The API is available in a standard fashion from the Developer Console and you can turn it off, like the other Google APIs. The API is REST based and all DNS records that you want to manage need to be provided as Change Records. Client Libraries in multiple languages are available in addition to Integration with the Google Cloud SDK, which helps you to manage your DNS records from the command line.

The service is available in a pay per use model. You pay for the number of managed zones, plus records and the number of queries. The pricing starts at $0.40 per one million queries per month for the first billion queries. Check out the pricing page for more details.

Amazon has a similar service offering , Route 53, and if you are using cloud computing resources from either Google or Amazon, it does present a rational approach to using their DNS Services to optimally address and reach computing resources within their networks.

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