Google Provides Advancements for the Display & Video 360 API

In March of 2020, Google announced the release of the Display & Video 360 API. The API supports the company’s consolidated marketing Platform and was designed to provide developers with access to Asynchronous Structured Data File (SDF) download functionality. Google has announced the first significant round of updates to this API.

Soon after the release of this API, ProgrammableWeb published an overview of the tool. Today Google has updated the API to include features such as broader Resource management functionality and enhanced line item targeting. Resource management has been enhanced to provide CRUD (Create, Retrieve, Update, and Delete) functionality for “entities such as Advertisers, Campaigns, Insertion Orders, and Line Items.” Additionally, new creative resource management tools have been added to simplify uploading and assigning creative assets. As far as line item targeting is concerned, the announcement notes that Google added: “line item targeting capabilities that allow you to edit or retrieve current targeting options for a line item individually or in bulk.”

Make sure to check out the full release notes for more detail. Google has also added new tutorials specific to managing line items and creating new creatives.

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