Google Provides New Tools for Live Streaming Video

Earlier this week Google announced new tools that aim to make it easier for content providers to share when they are streaming live video. With the announcement of an update to the Indexing APITrack this API and the addition of structured data for livestreams, developers will now be able to programmatically ensure Google SearchTrack this API displays when they are currently streaming content.

Livestream Structured Data

By using the newly added livestream structured data, developers can flag when their video is live and mark start and end times. Keep in mind that you need to use VideoObject structured data so that Google knows there is a video on your page.

Indexing API for Live Streaming

Google has updated the Indexing API so that it now allows developers to request that their website be crawled, ensuring that Search properly displays when they are streaming a video. Google has updated the Documentation for the API to assist with integrating the new feature. 

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