As Google Reader's July 1 Demise Approaches, Feedly Jumps to Life

Google Reader is about to die but, as Programmableweb reported back in March, there is still time to jump ship and be saved--through Feedly. Highly praised by David Pogue of the New York Times ("Feedly is what you needly) and others, Feedly helps you organize, read and share content.

As this graphic portrays, you're just a couple of clicks away. Jordan Kahn reports in 9to5Mac, that Feedly has jumped from 4 million users before Google's announcement in March that it is killing Reader to 12 million users. And, not surprisingly, it no longer relies on the Google Reader API, having created its own cloud back end. Feedly just keeps on improving, he notes:

"On top of the new API and feedly cloud back end, the company is also delivering on one of the most requested features for the service: a standalone new web interface that doesn’t require any plugins or browser extensions."

Developers are integrating apps with Feedly rapidly; more than 200 so far. You can sign up for Feedly anytime. But if migration from Google Reader is what you are after, you need to act fast--Google kills Reader on Monday, July 1.