Google reCaptcha and Web Risk API Now Generally Available

Google is at RSA Conference 2020 this week and announcing the general availability of some of its most important API security products. First, the Google reCaptcha APITrack this API is now generally available, after years of testing. Second, the Google Web Risk API which keeps lists of millions of unsafe URLs is also now generally available and ready for production use.

reCaptcha is a free Google service aimed at helping websites guard against spam and abuse. The core method used by reCaptcha is distinguishing between bots and humans by presenting website visitors with challenges or tests that humans can easily answer, but bots have trouble. Google has recently improved the service with both an Enterprise version and a version that doesn't require human interaction with the site. Now, the entire reCaptcha suite of services is generally available.

Google's Web Risk API is part of Google's growing cloud service. It checks URLs against a list of unsafe URLs that is constantly updated. The list is currently in the millions, and it Builds by surveying billions of websites each day. Web Risk scans URLs looking for bad resources such as malware, phishing, deceptive sites, and other unwanted host software. The API includes both a Lookup API for users to look up and see if a specific URL is on the list and an Update API that allows users to download hashed versions of unsafe lists for local storage. Stay tuned to the Google Cloud blog for more updates.

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