Google Releases Alpha Version of Jetpack Compose

Google has released an alpha version of Jetpack Compose. It’s a modern UI toolkit that helps developers build apps across Android platforms. It provides native access to Platform APIs. Ultimately, the goal is less code, more interactive tools, and Kotlin APIs.

Jetpack Compose includes declarative APIs to help apps scale, an intuitive language, and a reactive programming model. These core elements come directly from feedback that Google has received from the developer community since it first launched Android Jetpack.

The alpha release of Jetpack Compose includes animations, constraint layout, initial A11Y support, input and gestures, interoperability with views, lazy lists, material UI components, performance optimizations, testing, text and editable text, theming and graphics, and window management. To facilitate the use of Jetpack Compose, Google has added new capabilities to Android Studio 4.2 canary including compose code completion, compose preview annotations, deploy individual compostable to any device, interactive compose previews, Kotlin compiler plugin for code generation, and Sample Data API for compose.

Visit the Compose pathway for a comprehensive set of Compose resources. Join the Compose discussion on Kotlin Slack. Sample apps are available on GitHub. V1.0 is expected in 2021.    

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