Google Releases Cloud Status Dashboard to Monitor Service Disruptions

Google has been steadily adding features to its Google Cloud Platform that allow developers to better understand how their applications are performing on the platform. We have covered Google Cloud Monitoring, which provides metrics such as response times and disk usage for Cloud Platform projects. One area where it lagged behind other infrastructure-as-a-service providers like Amazon Web Services and Azure was in providing a dashboard to give insights into any services outage. This is addressed now via the Google Cloud Platform Status Dashboard.

Product manager Amir Hermelin announced the release of Google Cloud Status Dashboard, which provides status updates on service disruptions for various Google Cloud Platform services. The service, which is in beta, provides status for seven services across all regions. A sample Status Dashboard is shown below, with service disruptions on a particular date shown with a red dot.

There are two key things to note on this dashboard. The View Summary and History links show a list of all incidents in the previous 90 days. The other key thing is the RSS Feed that you can integrate into your applications to automate any alerting mechanisms that you wish.

The incident details are thorough and provide a trace of events from the start of the incident to its resolution, with each trace record providing details on what is being done. You can even compute out the total time that the incident lasted. This is a great start, but it would be nice to see a summary for each of the services along with total downtime to make it easy to compare against the service-level agreement.

The combination of this Status Dashboard and Cloud Monitoring Console and API presents a good toolset for Google Cloud Platform users to monitor both service disruptions and potential application issues. Google sees the synergy between the two and has integrated the Status Dashboard events right into the Cloud Monitoring Events log. That is a neat feature.

For more details, check out the Google Cloud Status dashboard.

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