Google Releases Google My Business API v3.1

Google has announced the availability of the Google My Business API v3.1. Significant additions to the new version include push notifications of new listings and new reviews. The push notifications are triggered in real-time and businesses have the ability to manage such changes in real-time via a dashboard. Businesses can actively manage status changes, data updates, and incoming reviews as desired through dashboard adjustments.

In addition to the push notifications, other features of v3.1 include a maps URL (allows for simple navigation to Google Maps in a location response), added location states (provides more specified understanding of actions required on a specific location), and a new category service (enables developers to retrieve updated list of Google My Business supported categories by country and language). 

Google also mentioned additional features that will soon be added to v3.1 including menu URLs and payment methods for specific establishments. The menu feature should remedy an oft-complained about problem that out of date menu URLs were providing bad data as third parties were unable to update menu links. These soon to come features will be the first attributes outside the basic yes/no attributes traditionally collected through the API.

For a detailed explanation of the updates, visit the Google blog post announcement. Google has provided full Documentation for the new release in the API docs. v2 of the Google My Business API will be supported until December 5, 2016, but the company continues to encourage developers to transition immediately. The full deprecation schedule can be found here. Those with questions or feedback can reach the API team at the Google My Business API Forum.  

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