Google Releases Maps API v2

Yesterday Google officially released version 2 of their Maps API (some testers have had this earlier). What's new? API-level updates include:

  • JavaScript download is about 50% smaller
  • On 'overview map' that displays a mini collapsible map in corner
  • Greater extensibility for custom controls, overlays and map types
  • Fewer memory leaks and a handy debugging window

Still, no geocoding service yet for converting addresses to latitude and longitude, as Yahoo! offers.

But more interestingly, especially in light of yesterdays launch of Placebase are the new "friendlier" terms of service (TOS):

  • No page view limits (over 500K/day and they'll want you to give them a heads-up)
  • 90-day notice before any advertising related change

For more, read their blog post or view the new documentation. For more on the TOS changes, they've nicely highlighted them in red here.

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