Google Releases New Finance Portfolio API

[Editor’s note: Today’s post comes from Andres Ferrate, who we are very happy to have joining us as a regular contributor here at ProgrammableWeb.] Google has announced the release of a new Google Data API for Google Finance Portfolios. This API is the latest GData API to be released, and it provides easy access to user investment portfolio data. According to Google:

Your client application can request a list of a user's portfolios, retrieve performance and return statistics on an existing portfolio, query the positions and transactions in a portfolio, and create new portfolios and transactions ... The API lets you develop applications that make it easy for your users to monitor their portfolio performance and retrieve data about the investment transactions in their Google Finance portfolio, while keeping portfolio holdings up-to-date with new transactions -- all through the same type of Google Data protocol available for Blogger, Calendar, and many other Google services.

As with other Google Data APIs, the Finance Portfolio API allows client applications to view and update relevant Finance content by way of GData feeds (extended RSS and Atom). Google has made available several client libraries to help developers write GData client applications in several languages, including Java, .NET, PHP, Python, Objective-C, and JavaScript. Our new Finance Portfolio API profile has more details. Currently client applications can use the API to:

  • Create new portfolio and transaction entries
  • Request a list of entries
  • Edit or delete existing entries

And the Google Finance team provides a few ideas on the types of apps developers might want to create on top of these APIs:

  • Desktop and website gadgets displaying and tracking portfolio performance.
  • Custom portfolio importers and exporters.
  • A portfolio analyzer or notifier.

Google has also made available a Developer's Guide as well as the GData APIs Protocol Basics and GData API Samples for additional reference. Besides this new API, a variety of finance APIs can be found in the ProgrammableWeb API directory as well as in our review earlier this year of 25 Finance APIs. Andres is the founder of CartoSoft, a startup in Portland, Oregon that specializes in Internet Mapping Solutions. He is also the owner of BlinkGeo, a blog primarily dedicated to emerging geospatial technologies and geographic information systems (GIS).

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