Google Reverts Ads API Back to Beta

Google recently announced that the Google Ads API, which was officially launched back in March of 2019, has been reverted back to beta. The decision was made based on feedback from users who had concerns about response time when compared to the AdWords APITrack this API that it was meant to replace.

After receiving complaints from users, Google launched an analysis into the performance of the API and determined that it did not match expectations. In light of this conclusion, the team decided that the best action was to roll the API back to beta status. Not only is this an uncommon occurrence, but it opens the company up to criticism from developers that have already implemented the API in production applications. Many developers look to companies like Google to be standard-bearers in terms of API reliability, and situations like this can be viewed as a breach of that trust.

The company remarked that its commitment to performance is what led to the decision:

“We take performance very seriously, and this is our highest priority to address. In the meantime, we’re reverting Google Ads API back to beta status and recommend production systems to use AdWords API for the best experience.”

Google does seem to understand how frustrating this must be for teams that were already using the API in a production environment. The company urges anyone in that situation to reach out to to discuss specific solutions.

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